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我们目前的停放收入在中国大陆同行业可能收入是最优的. 每个广告收入水平是很高的水平.  当你账户所有有效收入达到20美金时候,我们将会在收到确认收入后发放给你.  正常情况下,每月会计算并发放有效收入. 以美金计算发放.

如果您感兴趣,可以联系我们,提交您的域名所有列表.同时按要求将域名A dns指向

目前只计算欧美国家ip 域名访问流量.

演示站点: xiaoyu.org

When will I get paid?

DomainAdvertising.com pays on a net 20 day basis. Hence, your parking revenue is processed within 20 days after the end of the respective calendar month. For example, payout for the month of June 2013 will be made to you by the 20th July 2013.

Why were my payments not processed?

DomainAdvertising.com will not process your payments for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your revenue has not met the minimum payout threshold
  • Your account has been suspended
  • No payment instructions are provided
  • The PayPal account provided is not a verified PayPal account
How do I start parking with xiaoyu.net?

To park domains with DomainAdvertising.com, you can use any of the following two options:

Name server Method:
Once you have added your domain names to a portfolio in the reporting interface, you can then change name servers to the following:

Use yourself  DNS server

Plese  setup domain dns record A to